ZNotes, ZClass and ZCoach


What are ZNotes?

Accessible revision notes

Lifechanging access to education. Students can access good quality iGCSE and A Level revision notes online.

Independent learning

Students are able to learn independently using ZNotes, supported by Masterclasses. They do their own thinking.

By students, for students

ZNotes are written by students who collaborate to help others wanting to learn and achieve good grades.


Students using ZNotes around the world are supported by Cambridge Leadership College's Masterclass faculty on Slack.

Cambridge Leadership College's collaboration with ZNotes

ZNotes was founded by Zubair Junjunia to create a high quality, forever free, revision resource for students of the Cambridge International suite of examinations at iGCSE and A Level.

Znotes has proved to be a hugely popular resource, with the website approaching half a million hits per month, tens of thousands of repeat visitors and a crack team of dedicated contributors, spanning time zones and continents.

CLC Principal Tom Cassidy approached Zubair early in 2017 with a plan to make a significant addition to the value that ZNotes was already providing.

Tom’s idea was to live stream masterclasses in CAIE A Level subjects from the Cambridge Leadership College campus, so that students from all over the world would be able to supplement their comprehensive subject notes with expert teaching from the CLC faculty and thus, ZCoach was born.

The ZCoach system is not merely providing students with answers, nor even just giving students a profound understanding of a subject. Much more importantly, ZCoach is imbuing students with the specific techniques of independent learning.

We’re creating a league of extraordinary superlearners.

This is how Cambridge Leadership College is making a meaningful contribution to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.

ZNotes Content x ZCoach Community x CLC Learning Techniques = Affordable, high quality education for all.

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