Why choose us?


A life changing International College Pre-University education in Cambridge UK characterised by academic excellence, accelerated learning and entrepreneurship.
1. We run a rolling curriculum so any student can join us any month and study for whatever period suits them.
2. We are a truly international college with students from Belarus, Japan, US, Australia, China, Nigeria, Sweden, Switzerland and UK all in Cambridge working and studying together the CIE International A Levels or International Foundation Diploma.
3. Our accelerated learning methods enable our students to spend their afternoons developing their businesses, collaborating and learning together.
4. We have a teenager friendly school day with a 10am start and master classes in the early evening.
5. Students are continuously challenged to live at the edge of their comfort zones, to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and to practice the mindset of ‘starting before they’re ready.’
6. Based on the tutorial method used by Oxford and Cambridge Universities over many centuries, our methods prepare students for the real world of work and further academic study by developing their ability to solve problems using our learning by creating methodology, to become effective professional people.