What is so special about
Cambridge Leadership College?

We provide a life changing International College Pre-University education in Cambridge UK characterised by academic excellence, accelerated learning and entrepreneurship.


Our new method of teaching

We use a "new" method teaching that has been used, in fact, by Oxford and Cambridge Universities for 900 years. Here Tom Cassidy explains to Francisco Bustos the difference between our method and traditional methods.

We use the interaction between students to multiple the learning - so that this is not all reliant on an increasingly diluted teacher.

We prepare young people perfectly for a future of constant change.

Creativity, emotional intelligence and complex problem solving are the skills the World Economic Forum declared as essential in their Future of Jobs report (2016).

50% of UK employers say that graduates don't have the skills needed to work.
Industry has been telling educationalists this for years.
At Cambridge Leadership College we believe that the best preparation for a future of constant change is to learn how to learn new things quickly.

How will our children learn these skills?

Students study CIE A Levels and entrepreneurship in equal measures, using Agile techniques combined with The Cassidy Method accelerated learning technique.

These students are creating real businesses, not just playing at it.

This approach delivers efficient academic excellence and the crucial real world business experience that prepares students for both the world of academic study at university - with efficient studying techniques - and the world of work thereafter. They acquire the essential skills to work collaboratively using agile and scrum, combined with real experience of how to solve problems, how to reverse learn and how make things happen.
For The Cassidy Method please see: http://thecassidymethod.com.

Cambridge Leadership College offers what industry leaders say they want and what key educationalists believe education requires.

The ability to get things done, to be self-sufficient and self motivated are all necessary skills highlighted by industry leaders and Cambridge Leadership College provides a framework for students to learn and practise these skills.

An entrepreneurial mindset is cultivated through students working on real business projects developed through their interaction with a network of organisations and entrepreneurs from diverse industries.
Students’ daily practice of agile and scrum methodologies focusing on outcomes and reflection enables students to construct their own targets for learning.
The combination and equal weighting of A Levels and the opportunity to develop commercial awareness through the creation of their own businesses is a very new and very different proposition in post-16 education.
Cambridge Leadership College staff and subject experts coach and mentor students who learn what they have worked out they need to learn, not what they are told they should learn.


The College is run by a team of highly skilled and experienced educators & entrepreneurs supported by a team of five founding students with an equity stake in the business.
This form and balance of leadership team is very unusual within education and perhaps accounts for Cambridge Leadership College’s ability to deliver students with outstanding attitudes and abilities.