Visitor Information

There is a small car park at the front of the building for staff and pre-arranged visitors. During large events such as open days the car park fills up very quickly.
Alternative parking can be found at the nearby Cambridge Leisure Park, this is a public car park which allows you to pay on return to your car. Using the steps up to the bridge that are located by the small car park for the Travelodge Hotel you can get up to Hills Road and then walk to Cambridge Leadership College within 5 minutes.

Fire Safety:

In the unlikely event of a fire you must follow the following process:

Raise the alarm by breaking the glass on the nearest fire alarm call point.
Calmly make your way to the nearest fire exit. Do not run and do not stop to collect your personal belongings.
Assemble at the fire assembly point in the car park.
Make yourself known to the fire marshall who will be wearing a high visibility waistcoat.

First Aid:

First Aid boxes are located on the ground floor above the key safe and on the first floor on the right as you enter from the stairs.
If you require first aid during your visit to Cambridge Leadership College please notify your CLCcontact who will call one of the people who are trained in Emergency First Aid at Work.
If you injure yourself or have an accident then please report it to a member of staff who can ensure our qualified team assesses the situation. Any occurrence where someone has injured themselves must be logged in the accident book by one of the emergency first aiders.

Safety & Security:

As Cambridge Leadership College has students under the age of 18 all visitors must be accompanied to ensure they are not left alone with anyone under the age of 18.
Cambridge Leadership College accepts no responsibility for a visitors personal belongings, please keep them with you at all times.


We hope you enjoy your visit to Cambridge Leadership College. If you have any questions or concerns regarding health & safety, access, student welfare or security then please contact our Vice-Principal and Chief Operations Officer, Andrea Joyce .
Tel: 01223 952982 Mob: 0773 696 3668