The Science Of Being Great

The Cambridge Leadership Framework

At Cambridge Leadership College, we aim to develop future-thinkers. We believe in cultivating the whole person, equipping students with an extensive leadership ‘tool-kit’ that enables them to have maximum impact on the world for the greater good.

The Science of Being Great sessions follow the CLC Leadership Framework which is based on a system conceived by Benjamin Franklin in 1726. The Framework has been designed as a minimum will system, taking the characteristics that we wish students to develop and allowing them to focus on just one quality at a time. In this way, students master leadership characteristics gradually, consistently and reasonably without becoming overwhelmed.

The Framework is based on four areas within which developing competence is critical to improve as a leader.

What to BELIEVE. 

How to THINK. 

How to ACT. 

How to INTERACT with people.

The Science of Being Great is about providing a space where students explore the idea of being as great as the greatest but better than none, in order to accelerate an improving world.