Join us for a Taster Week

If you went to a restaurant, you could listen to the waiter tell you about how great the food was, or you could just taste the food.

Which option would give you a better idea of how good the food was?

Exactly. This is why we run taster weeks, for you to sample the Cambridge Leadership College experience for a week, to see how well CLC might work for you.

Or not. (It’s not for everyone after all!)

In the taster week you’ll learn accelerated learning techniques, entrepreneurial thinking by solving a real business challenge as part of a team using the Google Design Sprint, and you’ll be pushed way out of your personal comfort zone. It’ll be a load of fun and you’ll create something meaningful as well.

The Taster Weeks for the 2018-19 academic year are:

22-26 October 2018
18-22 February 2019
17-21 June 2019

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