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Master of Ceremonies Jon Torrens


At Cambridge Leadership College we do things differently. We challenge our students to think for themselves. We challenge them to learn intensively, using accelerated learning techniques. And we challenge them to run their own business for real at the same time as studying for their exams. We have a lot of fun along the way!


Business leaders from across Cambridge came together to support Cambridge Leadership College at our Tapas And Wine Evening.
We were delighted to welcome guests including Peter Dawe OBE, Stephen Chambers of Gearset, Anne Beamish of Independent Cambridge, and Tony Savill of Molecular Dimensions, to the college on Tuesday.
Students took the opportunity to tell everyone about their unique education at the College and how it has changed their lives.
Maaya Sunai, 17, told the guests how she didn’t tell anyone at home in Japan about her dreams of becoming a radio host but at CLC she had been encouraged to start her own show.
She said: “I feel I belong in Cambridge.”
Students at Cambridge Leadership College run their own businesses alongside studying for their A-Levels. They spoke to guests about how they use accelerated learning, starting a business and the innovative way in which the college uses technology such as Slack.
Everyone enjoyed an evening of interesting conversation, wine from Cambridge Wine Merchants and delicious food from Estefanía Led Ramos of ¡Que Rico! Tapas.
Zubair Junjunia spoke about how he created ZNotes, the online learning system we use and based our ZClass and ZCoach programmes on. Zubair began by uploading his own iGCSE study notes to his blog and then other students offered to share notes from their courses too. Now the ZNotes site has had nearly 9 million hits.
Zubair, 20, said: “We have phenomenal organic growth as more and more visitors are using the notes. The comments of gratitude bring us warmth and motivation to continue working on this project but even more importantly, the way students were helping and answering each other’s questions - that’s what was really amazing.”
Speaking about his journey, the creation of ZNotes and getting involved with Cambridge Leadership College, he said:
“I believe that every tiny action we take, from the day we are born, is able to determine the way our lives are shaped.
“If I hadn’t started my ZNotes project, I may never have had the opportunity to stand here and talk to you tonight. The world works in a funny way - and I trust it.”
Cambridge Leadership Foundation trustee Nick Lightbody explained that Cambridge Leadership College wants to be able to offer free online tuition to anyone anywhere in the world who has an internet connection. It would like to offer students scholarships through the Cambridge Leadership Foundation and is fundraising to achieve this.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible: our Master of Ceremonies Jon Torrens, Justin Crane of the Crane Event who made everything run smoothly, Estefanía Led Ramos who fed us so well, Hal Wilson of Cambridge Wine Merchants, Rachel Extance for communications, our photographer Jean-Luc Benazet, and Joe Divanna of Maris Strategies.


Communications: Rachel Extance
Organisation: Justin Crane The Crane Event
Photography: Jean Luc Benazet
Master of Ceremonies: Jon Torrens
Tapas: Estafania Led Ramos Que Rico Tapas
Wine: Cambridge Wine Merchants
Financial: Joe Divanna Maris Strategies
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Here is what we said about this event beforehand




Invited leaders of the Cambridge business community.


Tuesday December 5th 2017


No.1 Brooklands Avenue Cambridge CB2 8BB


We’re hoping that the Cambridge business community will see the benefits of this kind of education and support us in ways that are beneficial to all of us.
Would you like to help more students access high quality education and get qualifications which can enable them to go to university? Please come along to our tapas evening at the college on December 5 from 6pm-7.30pm and meet us, our students and learn about how you can help make a difference to young people’s lives.
We had wonderful food from Que Rico Tapas. Estefania Led Ramos, who runs Que Rico Tapas, catered for us at cost to show her support for our work. Thank you Que Rico Tapas!
Our menu
Crispy serrano ham, goat's cheese and apple sauce mini tartlet
Manchego cheese with fig jam and walnuts
Spanish omelette
Tomato jelly, Cantabric anchovy and green olive on toast
Turron de Jijona pudding on sweet shortbread pastry
Pineapple, tangerine and dates marinated in Pedro Ximenez sherry
Our Spanish Menu was complimented by an excellent Spanish Cava, Brut NV Francesc Ricart, courtesy of Hal Wilson at Cambridge Wine Merchants who provided our drinks at cost in support of our work. Thank you Cambridge Wine Merchants!


All of our tuition notes and masterclasses are free online for anyone to access. We use ZNotes, developed by Zubair Junjunia, 20, when he was studying for his school exams. Together with school friends he was able to create online notes for a range of subjects which were shared by other students at their school, who told their friends. His website has now had more than 8 million hits.
Zubair and CLC’s Principal Tom Cassidy worked together last summer to develop ZNotes for CLC, adding ZClass for the masterclasses and ZCoach which would enable online students to access tutorial support. We currently have over 1,000 people taking courses online. We offer iGCSEs and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A Levels.
Our vision is to enable anyone with an internet connection to take our classes, anywhere in the world. We would like them to learn free of charge. But to do that, we need your help. We can offer the notes and masterclasses free but online tutorial support costs money. We have to pay the tutors - and ourselves! Not to mention keeping the business running. We have a charitable foundation which offers scholarships to students who cannot afford our fees.
The students who attend CLC are all encouraged to run their own businesses in order to experience the entrepreneurial world.
Annabelle Grove & Grace Fernando are 18 and have their own limited company, Cambridge Deskspace Ltd, a co-working space making additional use of the school building. Her business bridges the gap between students and entrepreneurs.
Annabelle said: “My time at CLC has not only given me exceptional experiences, which I would not be able to have if I went to another sixth form college, but it has also helped me to build my confidence massively. With the confidence I gained from my time at CLC it has propelled me further to be a part of many projects and most recently setting up my own business.”
Annabelle & Grace are two of the five students who took part in our pilot project last year. As two of the founding students (or Famous Five as they are known) they each have an equity stake in CLC.


Collaboration with the students is very important to our founders, Principal Tom Cassidy and Vice-Principal Andrea Joyce.
Tom said: “Having young people in positions of authority is empowering and we want to get their feedback. They help us develop our approach and tell us what works for them.
“Students don’t like to be talked down to. What we want to encourage is us getting out of the way, making it real, rather than a school project. We’re not playing Monopoly, they have their own companies and earn their own money.”
Students work on their A-Level subjects in the morning and their businesses in the afternoon. They take part in masterclasses, run by students at Cambridge University in the evening. In order to free up the time to run companies, we use accelerated learning techniques.
Andrea said: “We work on a monthly cycle. Students can join us at any point in the year. They study subject one in week one, subject two in week two, subject three in week three, and then in the fourth week they have a review week. They spend one day on each subject and then do practice papers.”


“CLC is a form of alternate education which works, and is essential in teaching entrepreneurs of the future.” Quinn, 16, from Seattle, studying maths, economics and media and building a business which redesigns unwanted clothing.
“Each student can do individual learning which helps students to have a better quality of knowledge and experiences. Each of us has our own business projects so if you have some business, we could be good case of doing some projects together. We can give you a fresh idea.” Maaya, 17, from Japan, studying media, business and biology and running her own online radio show.


The Cambridge Leadership Foundation (website) was established to start fixing our broken educational system, where students are generally not being prepared well for the world they will enter after school, whether higher education or work. We believe that learning to accept responsibility, learning to lead yourself, is the essential first step in developing the key skills of reflection, critical thinking, questioning, problem solving, creating and working with others. We enable students to create their own businesses whilst studying as an integral part of this learning process.
As a new charitable organisation we need to fund our mission, to make the world a better place, through enabling access to high quality education and the development of leadership skills for students from anywhere in the world.
Hence we are inviting a group of leaders from the Cambridge business community to meet us, to learn about our mission and to take this opportunity to support us in our work.



We plan to create a series of Leadership Colleges, starting with Cambridge, followed by Oxford and then London.
This model will then be repeated in other countries.


We want to support the further development of online learning services which will open up our vision of modern education to students in every country around the world, so that this becomes accessible to all.