Tapas and wine evening

Students talking to guest Jo Bryant during the event.
Students talking to guest Jo Bryant during the event.

Business leaders from across Cambridge came together to support Cambridge Leadership College at our Tapas And Wine Evening.

We were delighted to welcome guests including Peter Dawe OBE, Stephen Chambers of Gearset, Anne Beamish of Independent Cambridge, and Tony Savill of Molecular Dimensions, to the college on Tuesday.

Students took the opportunity to tell everyone about their unique education at the College and how it has changed their lives.

Maaya Sunai, 17, told the guests how she didn’t tell anyone at home in Japan about her dreams of becoming a radio host but at CLC she had been encouraged to start her own show.

She said: “I feel I belong in Cambridge.”

Students at Cambridge Leadership College run their own businesses alongside studying for their A-Levels. They spoke to guests about how they use accelerated learning, starting a business and the innovative way in which the college uses technology such as Slack.

Everyone enjoyed an evening of interesting conversation, wine from Cambridge Wine Merchants and delicious food from Estefanía Led Ramos of ¡Que Rico! Tapas.

Zubair Junjunia spoke about how he created ZNotes, the online learning system we use and based our ZClass and ZCoach programmes on. Zubair began by uploading his own iGCSE study notes to his blog and then other students offered to share notes from their courses too. Now the ZNotes site has had nearly 9 million hits.

Zubair, 20, said: “We have phenomenal organic growth as more and more visitors are using the notes. The comments of gratitude bring us warmth and motivation to continue working on this project but even more importantly, the way students were helping and answering each other’s questions – that’s what was really amazing.”

Speaking about his journey, the creation of ZNotes and getting involved with Cambridge Leadership College, he said: “I believe that every tiny action we take, from the day we are born, is able to determine the way our lives are shaped.

“If I hadn’t started my ZNotes project, I may never have had the opportunity to stand here and talk to you tonight. The world works in a funny way – and I trust it.”

Cambridge Leadership Foundation trustee Nick Lightbody explained that Cambridge Leadership College wants to be able to offer free online tuition to anyone anywhere in the world who has an internet connection. It would like to offer students scholarships through the Cambridge Leadership Foundation and is fundraising to achieve this.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible: our Master of Ceremonies Jon Torrens, Justin Crane of The Crane Event who made everything run smoothly, Estefanía Led Ramos who fed us so well, Hal Wilson of Cambridge Wine Merchants, Rachel Extance for communications, our photographer Jean-Luc Benazet, and Joe Divanna of Maris Strategies.

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