Pre-Enrolment Information for Students


When you arrive at Cambridge Leadership College you will be welcomed to the campus during our enrolment day. Enrolment is the administration process you will attend when you first arrive at Cambridge Leadership College, and it will involve registering that you have arrived, settling any outstanding fees, and orientating yourself within the college. It is also an opportunity for you to meet academic and administrative staff, to find out about how to open a bank account, apply for your student discount card, and much more.

For enrolment dates please contact:

Cindy Cassidy (
We look forward to welcoming you at Cambridge Leadership College for your future studies.

Documents to be presented at Enrolment

You must submit the following documents at enrolment:
– Three passport-sized photographs
– Photocopies of qualifications (if in a language other than English, please provide English translations certified by a relevant authority)
– Course fees
– Passport with valid visa
– Unconditional Offer Letter issued by the Institution
– Registration document issued by the relevant awarding body (if applicable)
– Accommodation Address (with postcode), telephone number/mobile telephone number and e-mail ID
– Overseas address (with postcode), telephone number/mobile telephone number and e-mail ID including contact details for next of kin.

We will give you the following documents:

Welcome Pack
Health & Safety Instructions
Who is who
Student Handbook
Enrolment & other letters (e.g. NI Letter)
ID Card
Class time-table
Change of Contact Details Form


Induction follows enrolment and is designed to familiarise you with the Institution campus. You will be introduced to your course leaders, learn about study materials and our library, and meet your fellow students. Induction day is good fun that includes a variety of social events that have been designed to give you a flavour of studying and living in this area

Learning & Assessment

Cambridge Leadership College’s learning philosophy is based on assisting students to form broad conceptual understandings while gaining depth of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will benefit them in their chosen field. This is achieved by focusing on learning outcomes for the students and implementing a range of different teaching methods to cater to the different learning styles of individuals.


A lecturer will talk about the subject of study, and students are expected to take notes, even where handouts are provided. They are designed to give a basic understanding of the particular subject which a student will be expected to enhance through private research.


These are interactive discussion groups. The tutor will discuss a pre-arranged topic with the class, who are expected to have prepared and read in advance in order to take part fully in the debate. Students may be asked to prepare a presentation for the class, which will then lead to the discussion.

Class Tests & Mock Examinations

Cambridge Leadership College administers class tests and mock examinations in order to prepare students with adequate knowledge and understanding for the final assessments.


The method of assessment depends on the course you are pursuing. Some courses are assessed by unseen examinations only, while some others are by both assignments and examinations.

Students Complaints Procedure

Cambridge Leadership College endeavours to create a positive learning environment for students, one in which each student has the opportunity to achieve their personal best. Part of the maintenance of that positive environment is a fair and open complaints and appeals procedure made available to all students.

Informal Complaint

This is a less formal procedure where a complainant may raise his or her concern about the way the services were provided. The complainant simply may see the complaint officer and orally inform the matter which will be dealt with immediate basis. However, if the matter is serious and the complainant is utterly dissatisfied, the compliant officer will rather accept the complaint as a formal one.

Formal Complaint

If a student or a visitor wants to bring a serious complaint about any matter in relation to the way the services are provided, the complainant may bring a formal complaint. It requires the complainant to take a complaint form from the reception. The complainant may also additionally write his or her allegations in addition to filling the complaint form.

Student Disciplinary Procedures

Students are recommended to follow the academic standard code of practice in order to keep a good atmosphere in the Cambridge Leadership College campus. The students must not break any of the standard practice such as unfair means in the examinations, intimidation to fellow students or any academic or administrative staff of Cambridge Leadership College However, if any student is found in breach of academic code, the academic disciplinary committee will take the necessary action to keep the student in line with his or her conduct. More information about Student Disciplinary Procedure can be found in our Student Hand Book.


Students who are on full time courses may pay their tuition fees in a single payment at the time of enrolment or by instalments.
Single Payment: Single payment should be made within 30 days of the course start date. Students paying tuition fees in a single payment may receive 10% discounts.
Payment by Instalments: Students who are on full-time courses may pay by three instalments. No supplementary charge will be added to the tuition fees.
The following conditions will apply to those paying by instalments
Students who choose to pay by instalment(s) must continue to do so until the full balance of the course fee is paid in full.
A facility to pay by instalments may be withdrawn or charged an interest from individuals who fail to meet instalment deadlines promptly or their cheques are dishonoured.


The Institution assumes that all prospective students will have thought long and hard about taking up a course and therefore applying for admission.
However, the Institution understands that there are many reasons for wishing to withdraw from a course, both before and after courses have commenced.
Consequently, the Institution pursues a policy on refund of fees. Please refer to our ‘Policy and Procedures for handling of Deposits, Fee payments and Refunds’ for full information about our refund policy.

Student Suspension and Cancellation of Enrolment

Student enrolment can be suspended or cancelled by the Institution if a student is found to be in breach of any terms and conditions of the local immigration departments. However, students have the right to appeal against the decision.


Suspension-temporary postponement of enrolment during course.
Cancellation–cessation of enrolment in course.
Cambridge Leadership College may temporarily suspend or cancel enrolment under the following circumstances:
Student’s misconduct
Non-payment of outstanding fees
Persistent non-attendance
Persistent failure in making progress

Student Attendance

According to Cambridge Leadership College’s Attendance Policy, students must attend a minimum of 80% of their whole course of study.
If a student is absent in 3 (three) expected contacts and that absence is not excused, he/she will be given a warning by E-mail/Telephone.
Students who have been absent for 6(six) expected contacts will be issued with a written warning stating that the student will be expelled contacts. If the student is absent for 10 (ten) expected contacts, he/she will be terminated from the Institution.
Finally, the Institution will also notify the Immigration Departments immediately of the student’s failure to comply with the Attendance Regulations.
For more information about student attendance, please refer to our ‘Procedures for Recording and Monitoring Students’ Attendance’.


Cambridge Leadership College promotes a productive and harmonious learning environment. Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly on the Institution premises. Misconduct may result in suspension of the student from the Institution. In such cases no refund of fees will be given and any outstanding tuition fees will be payable.

Visa Renewals

Please note that the Cambridge Leadership College does not provide immigration advice or service to the student. If students need help in terms of any refusal or specialised immigration advice they must contact local immigration department advisors
If your visa expires while studying with us, we will provide you a supporting letter for the extension of the visa which will confirm that you are enrolled as a full time student at the Cambridge Leadership College. Please note that you should request this at least 21 days before your visa expires. We will also provide you with a letter of attendance in support of your visa application to immigration departments. Please note that we will write the confirmation of your attendance on the basis of your actual attendance. So, make sure that you regularly attend the lectures.

Academic Progress

You are required to make overall significant progress in order to achieve your goal; enhance your career prospect and comply with the regulations of immigration departments. You are permitted to proceed with your approved course of study only if you maintain satisfactory progress as evidenced by attendance at classes, satisfactory performance in examinations and the proper completion of such other work/task as may be allotted to you. Please note that if your progress is unsatisfactory, you will be given extra care and support and other relevant remedial measures to help you make progress. At the same time, you will be warned about the consequences you might face due to your unsatisfactory progress. If you persistently make unsatisfactory progress even after pursuing our remedial measures under a given a period of time, you may eventually be excluded from the Institution and your details will be reported to the immigration department. Further information relating to your Academic Progress can be found in Cambridge Leadership College Policy and Procedures on Monitoring and Reporting Students’ Academic Progress. You are strongly encouraged to contact your facilitator/mentor who will be able to assist you should you have any queries regarding Academic Progress. If in the early and mid-term monitoring your progress is unsatisfactory, you will be given 1st warning letter, if you fail in the Final Examination of the Awarding Bodies in the 1st attempt, you will be given 2nd warning letter, if you fail in the Final Examination of the Awarding Bodies in the 2nd attempt, you will be given final warning letter, and if you fail in the Final Examination of the Awarding Bodies in the 3rd attempt, you will be terminated from the Institution and the Immigration department will be notified immediately.

Re-Sits & Retakes

You are expected to finish your intended course on time in accordance with the advised Institution course start and end dates. Each student is also expected to pass their examinations/assignments/ dissertation as per the Awarding Body/Institution schedule. If you are unable to complete the course and pass the examinations you will have to pay an additional fee to the Institution and the awarding body/Institution in order to re-sit or re-take examinations in accordance with their specific guidelines. Students’ at Cambridge Leadership College will only be allowed to re-sit examinations or repeat any part of their course up to two times per individual examination or module.

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