Our system of learning

We have a very different system from more traditional schools here at CLC. Instead of doing 3 subjects at a time, we do one subject intensively for a week, so that students can make a lot of progress and dig really deep into the subject, before moving on to the next subject.


The ART Infographic
So for example - a student may study:
❏ Week 1 - Business
❏ Week 2 - Biology
❏ Week 3 - Media
❏ Week 4 - Recap of each subject, followed by subject tests.
Or - another student may study:
❏ Week 1 - Maths
❏ Week 2 - Physics
❏ Week 3 - Chemistry
❏ Week 4 - Recap of each subject, followed by subject tests.


The day is structured so that academic work is done in the mornings, then business/entrepreneurship is done in the early afternoons and masterclasses are done in the late afternoon of each day.

Based on the Oxford & Cambridge Model

This method of academic study is based on Cambridge University and Oxford University's academic methods which have been succeeding now for nearly a thousand years!

Here is an explanation of the approach.
This requires a lot of independent organisation and communication practice. Students will find that it is the best possible preparation for doing excellently at University, as they will have to become self-reliant and develop their skills of how to learn anything new fast.
There are 3 hours of academic group work each morning and 1.5 hours of masterclass sessions each afternoon, and it will be very hard work for each student's brain because it is very demanding to start right away in such depth.
It will be very different from the kind of learning that might happen in more traditional schools and so we appreciate it may be quite difficult for parents to understand at the outset.

In detail

In each cycle students will be spending:
❏ 1.5 hours per Masterclass x 4
❏ 3 hours of dedicated subject time in groups x 4
❏ 1.5 hours of Teachback time x 4
❏ 3 hours of subject recap time x 1
❏ 3 hours of test/mark/review x 1
❏ An estimate of 8 hours of online coaching/support
❏ Plus an estimated time of 3-6 hours per cycle on practical work for any practical subjects.

This gives 41-44 hours per cycle and our academic year has 10 cycles.

We don't have half terms and we only have 2 weeks off at Xmas and 2 weeks off at Easter.

Assuming that the last two cycles are mainly revision and the undertaking of exams, we perhaps should really only count 8 cycles as dedicated learning cycles.

Nearly twice CIE's recommendation

This gives 328-352 hours per year per subject of guided learning hours, (without time for homework) and the recommended guide from CIE is 180 guided learning hours per subject per year, so I am confident we are giving them plenty of time.

We also have the 3 hours x 4 x 4 of entrepreneurship each cycle as well as 1 x 4 hours of Leaders Lunches. So, it's pretty full on!