Our Principal

A photo of Tom Cassidy. Principal of Cambridge Leadership College

Tom Cassidy

Tom studied Physics at Oxford and has worked at the intersection of entrepreneurship and education since 1990.

He started the first ever business school for 14+ students in Hong Kong in 2003 and is an internationally published author, with books on problem-solving translated into 6 languages.

Tom’s framework for continuous development, The Cassidy Method was published by the TES in 2012 and has been since downloaded by over 20,000 schools worldwide.

Tom’s personal online learning programmes on the Udemy platform have over 200,000 student enrollments, all using The Cassidy Method and he is privileged to be bringing his system to the Cambridge Leadership College.

Our Vice-Principals

Bogusia Plaza - Head of Art & Design

Bogusia Plaza

Bogusia has taught in Poland and the UK during a twenty year teaching career with a recent focus on digital photography, where her students have enjoyed exceptional results. She speaks Polish, English and Russian and can get by in all the related Slavic languages.

She is expert in taking students on overseas visits having spent 10 years organising EU Comenius Projects in West Sussex, UK and, having created a partnership with a school in Chennai, India, she took both students and fellow staff to India on two occasions.

Her passion is helping students to excel in creative subjects. She has her own hallmark as a silversmith and also has experience in glasswork and screen printing.

Cindy Cassidy

Cindy grew up in Austin, Texas and came to the UK in 2001 to teach in inner-city London. Tempered in the turbulence of troublesome teenagers, she quickly realised that she either needed to learn how to deal with these discipline challenges or she’d be on the next boat home!

Having earned her spurs, her teaching career skyrocketed. She became one of the youngest education leaders in the UK, when at 26 she was promoted to the position of Head of College at Paddington Academy.

Cindy has spent the last 10 years coaching school senior management teams in UK Academies, as well as pioneering creative learning approaches in the home education sector.

Her vision for CLC is to create the perfect learning environment for teenagers to go out into the world with confidence, self-discipline and a winning attitude. And tacos. Lots of tacos.

Our Bursar

Nick Lightbody, bursar at Cambridge Leadership College

Nick Lightbody

Nick has responsibility for the commercial, legal, financial and compliance aspects of the project in order to provide the facilities required for our planned activities on a sustainable basis.

After a scholarship to Gordonstoun, a degree from Sussex University and a short career in professional yachting – he qualified as a solicitor and practised in the City of London before starting his own firm.

Working out how to practice law efficiently using the technology of the 1990s led him towards expertise in voice recognition and management information systems.

Since then he has developed and sold business management systems for lawyers and other professionals, pursued a Patent Application, obtained Trade Marks in the EU and USA and learned a great deal about how US Attorneys run their practices.

Our Academic Developer

Zubair Junjunia

While completing his education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Zubair founded the online learning platform ZNotes.org, a website offering free study notes and guidance for numerous CIE examinations with contributions from students around the world. ZNotes has reached over 14 million total hits and has become a globally recognised brand with students and teachers alike in high quality revision material. 

Being in a unique position, Zubair is able to take his fresh experience of studying the CIE syllabi in experimental ways at an international school and help form and improve the cutting edge methodology of teaching at CLC. Simultaneously, a partnership with CLC has allowed ZNotes to expand into providing free masterclasses and accessibility for students to the Cambridge faculty, creating a system for anyone to learn a subject hence working to achieve UN’s SDG4. 

As he completes his degree in Mathematics at University College London, Zubair holds a hybrid position of monitoring the academics at CLC and making sure the students are getting the best possible learning.

Our Faculty

We have recruited a wide range of leading figures from education and the world of business to deliver a captivating series of masterclasses throughout the year.

We also have a number of specialist tutors who work with students on their chosen subjects. These include experts on business law, drama, photography and silversmithing. 

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