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Visiting our partners in Haarlem, Netherlands

We are making our first visit to Nova College in Haarlem at the end of November, ten students and two staff will spend a week doing design sprints and learning about our partner's own methods of teaching.

We will also enjoy getting to know a whole new group of fellow students and staff.

About our partnership

We agree that it is illogical that educational systems are not very good themselves at learning.

We want to collaborate with each other on getting better at improving the educational outcomes we achieve.

We share a vision that we want our students to become as prepared as possible for entering higher education and work.

We not only talk the talk but we walk the walk.

All of a sudden everyone is creative!

Here is what we thought about our first Cambridge Leadership College Summer
2017 Sprint Series 1

Design an exchange with a school in Cambridge and make sure it really happens? Our third year IVS student Daniëlla Dudink made it possible for 12 international students. CLC Cambridge Leadership College has been very welcoming and gives the students the opportunity to develop and give autonomy. From the perspective of Nova College we learn from their approach and would love to return the favor in October in Haarlem.