International student project to support energy abundance takes shape

Students working on their ideasStudents exploring how to ways to tackle the question of access to the energy the world needs  during a week-long design sprint have been crystallising their ideas.

What does abundance mean? What could an ecosystem to support energy abundance look like? These were some of the questions that kicked off day two of the energy design sprint.

Students from around the world have joined those from Cambridge Leadership College to tackle the challenge of how to make energy as abundant as music.

The second day of the design sprint is when individuals are able to explore and refine their ideas.

Lightning demos are used to look at some existing companies to explore examples that illustrate aspects of each person’s ideas. For example, how is giving voice to the issues that individuals feel strongly about and enabling them to reach other people who may feel the same and then use their collective voices to be heard, and enact change?

Following the lightning demos we then began the four-step sketch process which focuses on critical thinking.

A mind map of ideas for energy abundance1. Notes

2. Ideas

3. Crazy 8s

4. Solution sketch.

The idea of the sketching process is for individuals to have an opportunity to see what they can come up with on their own away from the group dynamic.

Watch students talking through their ideas and choosing the solution they want to work on.

Throughout the day we took opportunities to address how one aspect of our leadership framework will come into play during these activities. We talked about the negative voice in our head that tells us our ideas won’t be any good and that everyone will come up with better ideas than us. We discussed the reality that we all feel like that and the trick is to acknowledge the negative voices and do it anyway.

The quality of the individual solutions is impressive and will be explored on day three. Keep in touch with our daily progress on all our social media channels.

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