Injury Reporting Procedure


Incidents should be investigated to ensure that the possibility of recurrence or further risk is minimised.

College understands the importance of incident reporting and investigation and has developed hazard inspection, hazard reporting and maintenance programs to minimise the workplace accidents or dangerous occurrences.

This policy applies to all employees, students, volunteers, contractors and visitors under the control of College


This policy has been developed to ensure that all employees (including volunteers) understand the processes to be taken in the event of a dangerous occurrence or accident.


Incident refers to any event which causes or could have caused injury, illness, damage to equipment, vehicles, property, material, the environment or public alarm.

It also includes losses of containment, fire, explosion, non-compliance with environmental regulatory requirements, vehicle incidents and off-site incidents.


College commits to preventing workplace accidents and minimising dangerous occurrences and will endeavour to achieve a zero accident rate.

College will:

Provide a mechanism for reporting accidents, incidents, work-related illness and dangerous occurrences;
Investigate accidents to determine the root cause with the objective of preventing a recurrence;
Obtain statistical information about the accident or incidents;
Meet legislative requirements for reporting accidents and incidents.

All accidents or incidents that result in an injury or work-related illness during the course of work must immediately be reported to the First Aid Officer and the Health and Safety Officer .

Any dangerous occurrence which has the potential to result in injury or damage to property must be reported in the same manner as an accident.

In the event of a dangerous occurrence or accident College must ensure the relevant authorities are notified and that a full investigation is undertaken to determine the root cause.

The most appropriate corrective action will be taken to ensure the incident does not recur.


It is the responsibility of College Management to ensure that:

Staff Members notify the Health and Safety Officer of all dangerous occurrences;
Staff Members are aware and understand the principles of incident and accident reporting and investigation;
All incidents and accidents that result in or have the potential to result in injury or damage are investigated and, where necessary, corrective or preventative action is taken;
All matters relating to employee/student/volunteer welfare are dealt with in the most appropriate and timely manner.

It is the responsibility of all employees, including volunteers or contractors, to ensure that:

Accidents and hazards are reported to management at the earliest opportunity;
All requirements and obligations under the relevant legislation are complied with.

It is the responsibility of the Health and Safety Officer to:

Help identify the causes of dangerous occurrences and accidents and develop corrective action;
Ensure the relevant Authorities are appropriately notified of all reportable occurrences or events.


All accidents or incidents that result in an injury or illness at work must be reported to the Health and Safety Officer within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

Any workplace accident or incident (dangerous occurrence) which has the potential to result in injury or damage to property must be reported in the same manner as an incident or accident that results in injury or damage.

Immediate actions

All injuries and illnesses must be assessed by a qualified First Aid Officer to determine whether medical treatment is required. The relevant Staff Member must advise the Health and Safety Officer of all injuries or illnesses.

If medical treatment is required, suitable arrangements should be made for transport to a doctor or hospital. It must be noted that:

All eye injuries (including foreign objects between the eye and eye lid which is not dirt or dust particles) must be referred to a doctor or hospital.
When injury or illness involves a chemical, a Material Safety Data Sheet and other information which may have been prepared for such incidents must accompany the injured person to the doctor or hospital.
Health and Safety Officer must be notified immediately in the event of any incident which occurs.


The following documents must be completed for all incidents and injuries involving employees, students, volunteers, agency staff, contractors, visitors or the general public:

The Accident/Incident Report Form
The Injury Register

A copy of the completed incident report form must be retained and filed by the Health and Safety Officer.


Each accident or incident must be investigated in consultation with the Human Resources Department to ensure that corrective or preventative action is taken as appropriate.

Senior Staff Members are required to liaise with Occupational Health and Safety Representatives to implement corrective or preventative actions arising from any investigation.

In the event of a death

Advise Emergency Services. If an incident results in a death, the site of the incident must not be disturbed until:

An inspector arrives at the site of the incident; or
An inspector directs otherwise at the time of notification.
The above does not apply if the disturbance to the site is for the purpose of:
Protecting the health and safety of any person; or
Aiding an injured person involved in an incident; or
Taking essential action to make the scene safe or to prevent a further occurrence of an incident.
Advise the Occupational Health and Safety Representative immediately.
The Health and Safety Officer will advise College Management immediately.

Status: Current

Review: July 2019