How to stress less and have more success

Shari Khan discusses stress during her business building blocks session.
Shari Khan discusses stress during her business building blocks session.

We live in a world of constant pressure. Nearly half of workplace absence is due to stress, anxiety and depression. Shari Khan helps people to develop the right skills and behaviours to succeed at work and led a Business Building Blocks session called “Stress less and have more success.”

What is resilience?

Resilience is our ability to cope with the sometimes excessive demands of life without becoming stressed. It’s our ability to remain buoyant so we can flourish.

Resilience is important because of the impact on performance and productivity, self-engagement and satisfaction. It has a huge impact on our wellbeing and mental health. Resilience impacts on individual, organisational and countrywide productivity.

There is often a gap between what you are presenting to the external world and what you are feeling inside.

What causes stress?

Shari asked our students about what causes them to be stressed. They said expectations of other people, especially parents. They find it hard when there are comparisons in performance and have a fear of falling behind and a fear of failure.

In response, Shari explained: “We all have self-limiting beliefs. Getting to a way of diminishing them is so powerful and you will become unstoppable. Get really good at making mistakes, that’s when you’re learning.”

Then she outlined the four phases of life:
0-25 spring
25-50 summer
50-75 autumn
75-death winter

Summer is when you’re giving the most and are most likely to have burn out because you are most active. Looking after yourself in this time is key.

The Happiness Factor

Whatever you do, keep asking yourself is this helpful to me? It’s really important to surround yourself with the right people.

How you think will impact on how you feel, how you feel about something will impact your behaviour. You need to be really clear about what you want and believe in it.

Shari said: “You have a choice, you can choose to acknowledge it and then ignore it. You have a choice in every moment you are on this earth. We give up our internal power too easily.
“Awareness is the first step. Being able to look at things from a different angle and remembering that everyone else is doing the best they can with what they have.
“Changing how you think and feel and what you put into the world can have a big impact.
Mindset is your biggest friend. If we label something as hard we think it, feel it and make it hard.”

Shari’s roadmap for a happier life

  • Get used to failure, it’s your best friend.
  • We have to learn how to move with the flow, trust that what you are doing now will take you towards the life you want to create.
  • Make it exciting because life is supposed to be.
  • Getting to the goal is the fun part, not the destination.

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