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Introducing Tom Cassidy & Stuart Nicholson.

Q1: How will CLC adjust its curriculum to the future with AI?

Q2: How can CLC cultivate students' social responsibility in a society characterized by moral decay and selfishness?

Q3: How do UK universities select or discriminate between student applicants?

Q4: Why is A LEVEL most suitable for students with strong test-taking ability?

Q5: Why do students like to study in the stable and calm conditions of the UK?

Q6: How does CLC solve the problem of quality education?

Q7: What is the quality requirement for teachers in the UK?

Q8: How does CLC deliver innovative secondary education (as opposed to rote learning and cramming)?

Q9: In the Information / Mobile Phone Age, How Can CLC Train students to Practice Traditional Abilities, Social and Verbal Skills?

Q10: How does CLC foster a global vision for students?

Q11: How does a 30 day immersion in British education work?

Q12: How does the Cambridge 2 + 1 work - a full year in British Education?