First Aid Policy & Procedure


First aid is an important aspect of Health and Safety. In recognition of this, College is committed to providing suitably trained First Aid Officers, together with first aid facilities to administer first aid treatment.

This policy applies to all employees, students, volunteers, and contractors of College, and to visitors.


The purpose of this document is to provide an overview for College to establish first aid facilities and services for the organisation.


First aid is the provision of emergency treatment for people suffering injury or illness at work.
First aid facilities refer to the first aid kit.


College is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, students, volunteers, contractors and visitors. College will endeavour to provide appropriate and adequate first aid treatment in the event of a person sustaining a work-related injury or illness.

College will systematically identify causes of work injury and work-related illness and assess the risk of work injuries and work-related illness occurring. The appropriate first aid facilities and training will be determined, evaluated and provided.

College will meet first aid legislative requirements as a minimum standard.

First aid facilities will be maintained on a regular basis.


It is the responsibility of the Health & Safety Officer to ensure that:

Adequate and appropriate first aid facilities are provided;
Appropriate and adequate training is arranged for First Aid Officers;
First Aid Officers’ training is up to date and their certificates current.

It is the responsibility of First Aid Officers to:

Inspect and maintain first aid facilities;
In the case of a work injury or work-related illness, assess if medical assistance is required;
Administer appropriate first aid in accordance with their training;
Maintain first aid records as outlined in this procedure;
Maintain confidentiality with regard to information obtained as part of their role.


The Bursar is required to determine the number of First Aid Officers required for each teaching site, taking into account legislative requirements.

The Health & Safety Officer is responsible for arranging training for First Aid Officers.

First aid facilities

The level of first aid facilities has been determined through discussions with appropriate experts.

First Aid facilities are clearly identifiable through the use of signs.

First aid kit

The contents of first aid kits must be protected from dust and damage, and be kept in a container which clearly identifies the contents and purpose. The container must be easily recognisable (for example, a white cross on a green background prominently displayed on the outside) and should not be locked.

The first aid kit, and, where appropriate, first aid facilities, must be inspected by a First Aid Officer every month.

The first aid facilities checklist must be completed and filed by a First Aid Officer following each inspection.

A First Aid Officer must notify the Health & Safety Officer if stock needs to be replenished. The appropriate Staff Member will ensure the stock is ordered, delivered and given to the First Aid Officer to restock the facilities.

First aid treatment and records

If a person requires first aid treatment the nearest First Aid Officer must be contacted to administer such treatment.

The First Aid Officer must record the following information in the accident book:

Name and location of person;
Type of injury, if known;
Assistance provided (as below);
Urgency of matter; and
Determination if another First Aid Officer is required.

The First Aid Officer will attend to the injured or ill person and provide assistance that they consider the most appropriate. First Aid Officers must only provide assistance in accordance with their training.

Where an injury is of a more serious nature and requires the person to be referred to a doctor or taken to hospital, the First Aid Officer will determine the appropriate transport.

Status: Current

Review: July 2019