English Language for Leadership Programme

What is it?

The CLC English Language for Leadership course has been designed for students whose native language is not English in order to prepare you for personal success within academic and business domains through acquiring sufficient mastery in written and spoken English.

The objectives of the English Language for Leadership course cover the following four domains:

1. English Language For Academic Purposes
To have sufficient proficiency in the English language to successfully enrol on an undergraduate degree programme at an English-medium University.

2. English Language For Managing a Business
To have a sufficient confidence when interacting in English to be able to conduct general business affairs in English.

3. English Language for Project Management
To be competent enough in the English language to be able to manage projects. Specifically to have a high enough level of English to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of a team where English is the project language.

4. English Language For Entrepreneurship
To have sufficient mastery of English to succeed as an entrepreneur. This covers the language and communication skills of becoming an entrepreneur, identifying opportunities, creating business models and attracting investment.

The Course

Course Structure
This is a full-time, intensive course with 30 hours of instruction every week and additional outside of hours learning requirements.

Course Content
This is a bespoke programme, tailored to match each participant’s requirements. We conduct an initial assessment to identify your starting point. We then design a programme to achieve your specific objectives within the four domains of the English Language for Leadership Programme.

It is a very practical, hands-on course with high expectations for participants. This is likely to be the most challenging yet rewarding year of your life.

Course Length
1 Academic Year

Courses begin every month and last for one academic year.

Course Fees
The tuition fees for the English Language for Leadership programme are GBP 21,000.

Successful students will be awarded the Cambridge Leadership College Diploma in English Language for Leadership.