Cambridge Leadership Diploma

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About the Cambridge Leadership Diploma

The Cambridge Leadership Diploma emphasises that the fundamental purpose of education is to develop leaders who are future-thinkers.
We believe in cultivating the whole person, equipping students with an extensive leadership ‘tool-kit’ that enables them to have maximum impact on the world for the greater good.
Cambridge Leadership College provides a unique opportunity for students to create and run their own businesses alongside their A Levels while simultaneously developing essential leadership skills through our Leadership Programme.

What is the Cambridge Leadership Programme?

The Cambridge Leadership Programme is a science-based programme used to develop the characteristics of exceptional leadership, so that every student can improve their capacity to create greater life for all. We devote one day a week to focus specifically on leadership and entrepreneurship through our Science of Being Great.
Our leadership curriculum challenges students to be critical thinkers and intentional learners, responsible for their own learning through truly student-centered  activities, monthly exam weeks, varied individual and group projects and frequent opportunity to present in front of students and members of the business community alike.