The Charity
Cambridge Leadership Foundation


"to advance the education of people who have not yet entered higher education and to provide practical and financial support for those people during their studies in such ways as the charity trustees think fit bearing in mind the rapidly changing nature and needs of our society including by awarding to such persons scholarships maintenance allowances or grants and awarding to non-charitable bodies grants directed to assist such persons and including supporting the work of other charities with similar objects."

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Nick Lightbody
Tom Cassidy
Bob White
Ann Hawkins
Karl Friberg
Ginny Swepson
Doug Stanton


The charity has established Cambridge Leadership College as the first step in fulfilling its charitable objects.
The College is managed for the charity by Cambridge Leadership College Limited.
The Charity plans to grant aid students studying at the College.
You can find out more about this innovation in education here



We plan to create a series of Leadership Colleges, starting with Cambridge, followed by Oxford and then London.
This model will then be repeated in other countries.


We want to support the further development of online learning services which will open up our vision of modern education to students in every country around the world, so that this becomes accessible to all.


No1. Brooklands Avenue is situated in the heart of Cambridge, close to many other international schools and the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.

The ease of access to the UK capital city makes it an ideal European springboard to explore the continent during school holidays. Paris can be reached via the Eurotunnel in just over two hours from London creating an excellent opportunity for further travel.
It is a 6 minute walk from Cambridge train station. There are regular trains to London, departing every 30 minutes, taking around 45 minutes to travel to the capital city.


The Cambridge Leadership Foundation was established to start fixing our broken educational system, where students are generally not being prepared well for the world they will enter after school, whether higher education or work. We believe that learning to accept responsibility, learning to lead yourself, is the essential first step in developing the key skills of reflection, critical thinking, questioning, problem solving, creating and working with others. We enable students to create their own businesses whilst studying as an integral part of this learning process.
As a new charitable organisation we need to fund our mission, to make the world a better place, through enabling access to high quality education and the development of leadership skills for students from anywhere in the world.

We welcome offers of support in many ways - please tell us what suits you - for example:


We shall be pleased to discuss potential partnering with other organisations, commercial, public sector or third sector.


There are many aspects of Cambridge Leadership College available for sponsorship for example:
Teaching spaces
Down time facilities
On-line Master Classes


We are seeking charitable registration with the Charity Commission and when that has been effected we shall be able to provide donors with a tax efficient method of supporting our work with charitable donations.


We welcome the offer of loans to assist our cash flow in these early stages of the development of the charity.