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We are considering applications now - for students commencing their studies from February 2018 onwards - please use this form - and you may find that you qualify for a scholarship.


Cambridge Leadership College is not your typical International College. It takes the best practices from business and Oxford and Cambridge Universities and incorporates them into an education setting, delivered with the unique convenience of a rolling academic programme. Students leave with excellent qualifications, the ability to learn new things fast, and the mindset of an entrepreneur.


You will get a compelling international pre-university education studying Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A Levels or the International Foundation Diploma (IFD) whilst also actually starting your own business.

Create a business

Students learn how to create and run their own business alongside their academic studies, to learn project management skills, to adopt a commercial mindset and to develop their own leadership qualities.

Sir Richard Branson tweeted us recently...



Our rolling monthly academic programme means that you can jump on and start your studies nearly any month of the year. We make it easy for you to study with us.

Short Courses

Enrol with us in any month for a period that suits your needs. We are the only English Independent College to provide the flexibility of a rolling academic year. Students can enrol with us to suit their schedule and stay as long as they need to complete their academic studies.
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We are a truly international school, with a global perspective, and a worldwide student population actively supporting the attainment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4: "inclusive and equitable quality education".


Students are continuously challenged to live at the edge of their comfort zones, to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, to "start before they are ready", to innovate and not to fear failure.

Tutorial Teaching

Our academic method is based on the 900 year old Oxford and Cambridge "tutorial" method which teaches students to take responsibility for their own learning, to do their own thinking and to become superior independent learners.

Accelerated Learning

We use accelerated learning techniques such as reverse-learning, problem-oriented learning and high-intensity learning to prepare students to learn anything new fast. This makes time for business creation.


Punt base on the River Cam, Cambridge

History, Innovation & Culture

Cambridge Leadership College students will spend their period of study enjoying all of the history, innovation and culture of this cosmopolitan City which is ranked by The Sunday Times as one of the best 20 locations to live in the UK.


The world famous University college buildings make every sight a picture postcard and also offer many exciting museums, libraries and events. Cambridge is home to many global corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, AstraZeneca and ARM.

Start-up culture

The business community is thriving and there is a strong start up culture. Cambridge is a city with a social conscience and the number of successful social enterprises are rising.


We are a non-residential college and students must make their own living arrangements in Cambridge. Those who are 18 are permitted to live independently, but whilst under 18 they should live with a local home stay host family.


Our college was created by Cambridge Leadership Foundation, a charity. The Trustees plan, within their own budget, to provide as many scholarships as possible to our students, based on their assessment of the student's needs. Our Principal recommends potential scholarship students to the Trustees.


Our offer of a place is accepted by the students' parents returning the Education Agreement to us signed, accompanied by a deposit of £1250 for European Students or £2000 for Non European Students, which includes estimated visa fees.


Here are our tuition fees for a life changing International College Pre-University education in Cambridge UK characterised by academic excellence, accelerated learning and entrepreneurship.

A Level Programmes - CIE A Levels

Start any month you wish.
Study for as long as you wish.
Full time A Level programmes - several options:
£21,000 tuition fees for the full Academic Year
£13,200 tuition fees for 6 months
£6,900 tuition fees for 3 months
£2,500 tuition fees for 1 month

International Foundation Diploma - IFD

Start any month shown below.
Study for ten or just six months.
Full Time Diploma programmes - two options:
£16,000 tuition fees for a full Academic Year - commencing any month from June to March.
£12,000 tuition fees for an accelerated 6 month programme - commencing any month from October to March.


How to apply

Please apply to us by email or by completing the online form on our web site. Tell us about yourself and why you believe that joining Cambridge Leadership College would be a great choice for you. Tell us what you can add to our college community with your own skills and experience.

How we select

We interview students in person or by Skype. We are not academically selective, we select by attitude. However we do require CEFR Level B1 in English. We suit the more independently minded, technology orientated student.

Getting a visa

European Students can study with us without requiring any visa. Non European students will require a student study visa issued by the British Government through UKVI. UK Government Policy is rigorous and students applying for Visas must be aware that a successful result is not automatic.

Real business

We have several entrepreneurs in residence, people running their own business from our Cambridge Campus, working alongside our students. They share their experience and business insights and often work with our students in developing their own businesses.



Principal & CEO

TOM CASSIDY leads the academic staff and is responsible for Student Recruitment, Education, Entrepreneurship and Partnerships.

Vice Principal & COO

ANDREA JOYCE is responsible for Safeguarding and Student Welfare, Health & Safety, Careers & Access to Higher Education and Personnel and HR.

Head of Art & Design

BOGUSIA PLAZA leads our Art & Design programmes and has overall responsibility for design within our college.

Director of Educational Pathways

FRANCISCO BUSTOS leads our student recruitment program and is responsible for ensuring that students take the right educational pathway, for them.


Bursar & MD

NICK LIGHTBODY leads the non academic side of the College with Legal & Compliance, Premises, Finance, Systems and Technology whilst also mentoring students on the practical and pragmatic aspects of running a business.