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Cambridge Leadership College is not your typical International College. It takes the best practices from business and Oxford and Cambridge Universities and incorporates them into an education setting. Students leave with excellent qualifications, the ability to learn new things fast, and the mindset of an entrepreneur.

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Saturday 4th November
CLC Open Day & Educational Showcase - come and find out what we have created at No.1 Brooklands Avenue - more details here.

13th September
CLC Students attend The Sugar Summit at the Palace of Westminister, London more here

7th September
Our Opening Celebration - read more here

7th September
Press: Here is the Cambridge News report


Flexibility for internationally mobile families

We recognise the difficulty in accommodating the academic needs of students where families are relocating from different parts of the world, with different academic regimes and schedules.

Hence the College offers Education as a Service (EAAS) which means that a student can:

● start at the beginning of any month of the academic year and

● fees are accordingly charged monthly.


Cambridge Leadership College offers:

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A Levels :

A highly regarded examinations board run by Cambridge University offering the following advantages:

● Students benefit from the modular structure of the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus;

● Students are able to sit examinations in May-June as well as the October-November sessions;

● CIE qualifications are accepted all over the world - please see the CIE website here and

● Students with A Levels can apply through UCAS to all UK universities and, currently, to all European Union Universities.

For more detail please see our Fees and A Level Courses.

International Foundation Diploma (IFD) :

A Diploma in the humanities with an emphasis on Business & Economics.

● These Foundation Diplomas are accepted by all major British Universities.

For more detail please see our Fees.

Our Method

The academic content is structured in one month cycles that repeat 10 times per year with each month covering the entire syllabus for three A Level subjects. We use a similar model for the International Foundation Diploma. This means students can jump on the train any month and stay for as long as they need to achieve subject mastery.

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The ability to learn new things fast is the currency of the future

Our location

Cambridge Leadership College is situated in the heart of Cambridge, close to many other international schools and the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.

The ease of access to the UK capital city makes it an ideal European springboard to explore the continent during school holidays. Paris can be reached via the Eurotunnel in just over two hours from London creating an excellent opportunity for further travel.
It is a 6 minute walk from Cambridge train station. There are regular trains to London, departing every 30 minutes, taking around 45 minutes to travel to the capital city.

Punts moored on the River Cam

A life changing International College Pre-University education in Cambridge UK characterised by academic excellence, accelerated learning and entrepreneurship.

Why is all this talk of learning methods so important?

At the Cambridge Leadership College, we teach our young leaders how to learn new things fast so they are perfectly adapted for a future of constant change. We teach them to be comprehensivists.

King's College, Cambridge

A comprehensivist is a person who can connect the dots, who can see the bigger picture, who can look beyond their specific specialism and see how it all joins up.

Would you like to study at Cambridge Leadership College?

Whether you are studying with us for your Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A Levels, or our International Foundation Diploma, our approach is the same.

Send us your enquiry here or just call or email us, all our contact details are at the bottom of this page.