At Cambridge Leadership College, we do things differently. 

Our world is changing. Over the next two decades, artificial intelligence will transform the way we work and the jobs we do. The skills valued by employers and the ones you need to succeed will be different to those your parents had.

You still need academic qualifications, of course, but these are not enough. In order to prepare for the future world of work, you need to be innovative and creative. You need to see the big picture. You have to be a risk-taker and a fast learner.

As a parent, the biggest question to consider when choosing a school for your child is this: What will the world look like in 10, 15, 20 years time, and which school will best prepare my child to succeed in such a world?

As a student you have to ask yourself whether the existing model is going to be right for you or whether you need to look at doing things a little differently.

You choose.

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Our mission

Cambridge Leadership College is an A-Level college with a focus on entrepreneurship. Our mission is to prepare young people for a future of constant change.

Academic success alone is not enough to succeed in the new economy. In order for you to become future-proof,  you need to become entrepreneurial.  CLC is an international 6th form college with a difference: our students study CAIE A Levels at the same time as developing a business. 

We use accelerated learning techniques to free up time for our students to work on business creation.

Cambridge Leadership College takes advantage of its central Cambridge location to tap into the city’s business community as well as bringing in tutors who have been educated at Cambridge University. Students regularly attend business and networking events so they can meet and learn from other business owners.

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Latest News

2 weeks ago
Agreed. As a physicist it is misleading to talk about running out of things. We have plenty of atoms. We have plenty of energy income to rearrange these atoms into increasingly valuable configurations. But, do we have the appetite to create the new economics of abundance?
3 weeks ago
Thanks for putting it together and inviting us to share our ideas! There's lots of ups and downs on the way, but we are confident more and more young people are ready for the entrepreneur's journey. Even @jeremycorbyn agrees entrepreneurship is what made this country great.

What our students say

“Cambridge Leadership College gave me the confidence to take the first steps into life after education. I think that what makes CLC so incredibly different is the passing on of control of education to the student.”

“We are free but we are really free here. We are free to do whatever we want and teachers will never limit us. We are more like a person rather than a student here.
I feel happy and honoured to be one of the people who have the chance to witness and experience this revolution in education.”